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Students Charged for Meals 2022-2023

Students Charged for Meals 2022-2023

Federal waivers allowing all students to receive free school meals expire on June 30, 2022. Mt. Vernon will begin charging for all breakfasts, lunches and extras in the 2022-2023 school year. 

  • Parents can pay for their child’s meals through cash, check or e-Funds (via MVCSC’s online payment system) conveniently located under the “parents” tab on our website. Parents can begin depositing funds in their e-Funds account at any time. 

  • The transaction fees for using eFunds are as follows: 

    • $1.50 per ACH Direct Debit transaction from your bank

    • $2.95 per every $100 on your credit card (e.g. $50 deposit would have a fee of $2.95, a $150 deposit would have a $5.90 fee)

  • Parents can see what their child is purchasing through Skyward Family Access.

  • Please communicate with your child whether they should receive breakfast and/or lunch; if they pick up food, they will be charged.

  • Parents should be prepared for meal prices to increase due to market demands for food and supplies.

  • After July 12, parents can apply for free and reduced lunch assistance, which serves a dual purpose to assist those who qualify for textbook rental assistance. Parents can find this application after July 12 at 9 a.m. through their Skyward Family Access by opening the Food Service tab and clicking on Applications

  • If unpaid, negative balances will be sent to collections.

  • June communication needs to include, as of right now, legislation is discontinuing for all students to receive free meals.

  • Students need to bring their student ID to the cafeteria for all meals and should wear them throughout the day. The ID is for security purposes as well as helps with the speed of the lunch line which gives students more time to eat.

  • Food service employment opportunities are available!