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MV Students Compete at Taekwondo World Championship


Brody Daniel

Brody Daniel

Mt. Vernon students Aaron Albright of Mt. Vernon High School (MVHS) and Brody Daniel of Fortville Elementary School (FES) recently competed in the ATA World Taekwondo Championships in Phoenix, Arizona.  Nine year-old Brody Daniel competed in three events, as did 15 year-old Aaron Albright of MVHS. Being an international competition, Brody and Aaron both had to step out of their comfort zones and face equally skilled opponents from all over the world. 


Aaron Albright

Aaron Albright (bottom row, far left)

This was Brody Daniel’s first in-person competition season, so his excitement was unparalleled. Brody attended classes at Fortville’s ATA Blackbelt Academy nearly every day during the week, along with a leadership class and three extra classes each week. Brody’s mother, Kim Daniel, says, “A lot of sweat, tears, and frustration were put into this process.” 


Likewise, Aaron Albright prepared for this moment; Aaron also attended classes at the Fortville studio. Being a first degree black belt meant that Aaron would attend classes almost every day during the week. Practice and persistence are two things that Aaron decided he needed to take seriously in order to succeed. 


This year, the Taekwando World Championship took place in Phoenix, where the competition differed greatly from those back in the midwest. At Worlds, there are 66 rings set up for participants coming from 28 different countries all around the globe. Though neither Brody nor Aaron placed, they were both able to take valuable lessons from this experience. Brody’s mother shared that he has been more disciplined since he started taekwondo, and that he is more motivated. Aaron learned to not get intimidated by his competition. He says, “My biggest takeaway is that the people that I compete with are very serious about competing. They have amazing techniques and skills that I haven't learned yet.” 


In the future, the two boys both have plans to continue in their taekwondo career by learning more skills and competing, hopefully advancing to Worlds again. Brody plans to train harder than ever before, while Aaron aims to finish a new Xtreme taekwondo form. These Mt. Vernon students give credit to their studio and instructors in Fortville for helping them get where they are today, as they look forward to what's next. Instructor, Master Parker says, "I have seen tremendous growth in both Brody and Aaron in many ways since they began training with us."


Congratulations to Brody and Aaron for their hard work, talent and determination that led them to compete at Worlds!